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There is a crisis.

Do you know what it looks like in village dispensaries and clinics? Not enough medicines all the time. Shortage of medical personnel and high cost of mediation are among the unbearable situations in the country. The so called 'medial cost sharing in public medical facilities' does not bring much sense in poverty stricken societies, to which most of the Tanzanians belong. There are very few families who can afford to seek for medical care from privately owned hospitals but the majority cannot afford such high cost of medical care, and they are the ones who suffer the most.

So, what shall we do?


Afya Bora advocates the use of modern health facilities available in clinics and medical centers for treatment of diseases, maternal and child care and supports the government's effort in banning female genital mutilation and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. It's time to start talking about how to keep HIV/AIDS out of our lives.

It's time to break the silence. So, let's talk. 

  • Afya Bora advocates accessibility, affordability and quality public health facilities and preventive measures against highly transmitted diseases, promotes socially healthy integration and educates citizens, who are capable and motivated to address the common health problems of ignorance and poverty.

  • Afya Bora "Good Health" is a sign of long life to everyone. Everyone needs to be equally covered by health care. Afya Bora aims to provide health information and promotes a kind of public health, which develops critical health awareness on personal basis, in groups and in general public. Afya Bora, therefore, encourages public participation in decision making at all levels of society in regards to health education.

  • Afya Bora shall provide health delivery services and assistance to the people of Tanzania, preferably in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations of the county and in line with the national health policy and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.